Roofing Systems For Homes Of Today

Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions has become an important component for the roofing industry. Global Hybrid Orlando Roofing Solutions have developed a unique line of composite roofing products utilizing recycled materials.

GHRS roofing products are instrumental in keeping waste out of landfills. Old World Slate, Slate, Shake and Spanish Tile combine the best of all worlds. These products are not only environmentally friendly, they offer the realistic, natural appearance of slate, shake and clay tile without the extreme weight, making Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions products easier and less costly to install. Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions backs their roof tile products with a 50 year limited warranty. And all Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions products carry a Class 4 hail impact rating, the highest in the roofing industry.

Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions roofing products are fully sustainable. This means that not only are they made from recycled materials, they themselves can be recycled. If a roofing project requires substantial cuts, the waste can be recycled rather than sending it to a landfill. It has been estimated that 10% or more of landfill space is taken up by roofing waste, thus making the recycling of roofing necessary. Asphalt shingles comprise a large portion of roofing waste, as does cedar shake. Since both have a shorter life cycle than higher end roofing choices, they are not recyclable and necessitate the need for repeated re-roofing. And, re-roofing not only means the asphalt shingles or cedar shakes are put in landfills but also underlayments and often flashings. Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions roofing products carry a 50 year limited warranty which assures durability and longevity reducing the need to re-roof.

Many builders are focusing on “going green” with their construction projects, using a roofing product that is made from recycled material fits in perfectly with their goal of utilizing products that are helping the environment. Sustainable building is the future of the construction industry. Roof repairs in Orlando are now going green said Hector. Owner and operator of Roof Depot of Orlando Florida.

Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions has the only composite, truly multi-colored roofing products available. This revolutionary process is unrivaled in the composite roofing industry. Each piece of slate, shake, or barrel tile is colored throughout with a unique blending of colors that add a classic distinction to any roof. This process helps to eliminates the need to “hand blend” solid color slate or Spanish tile to achieve a desired multi-colored roof, making installation easier. Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions proprietary material composition includes UV components to assure lasting color and material performance.

Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions’ Old World Slate, Shake and Spanish Tile are by far the leading composite roofing products on the market today. Old World Slate showcases a 1” thick profile; the thickest on the market. Shake is available in three widths, 5”, 7” and 12”, and varies in thickness from 5/8” to 7/8”, unrivaled in the market, truly replicating hand split shakes. All of Global Hybrid Roofing

Orlando roofing products are gun nail-able it is also the only tested and tried composite Spanish tile on the market.Recycled, composite roofing products that resemble slate or cedar shakes are becoming popular among people interested in maintaining vernacular regional styles or the historical integrity of buildings.

Global Hybrid Roofing Solutions composite roofing products are maintenance free. Unlike cedar shake which crack or rot, and clay or concrete tile that break, requiring annual maintenance checks to replace broken or defective pieces, Slate, Shake and Spanish tile will not crack, break or rot. Composite roofing is lightweight and is more economical to transport than heavy slate, concrete or clay roofing products, making it environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of fossil fuel and, hence, its emissions needed to get the roof to its destination.